Tips for traveling Europe

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Along consult the following steps to be able to apply for visas as well as detailed plans for a European tour simplest way offline.

Along consult the following steps to be able to apply for visas as well as detailed plans for a European tour simplest way offline.

1. Please Visa Europe (Schengen)
Most countries do not accept Schengen visa free travel for the citizens that need the sponsor's invitation, except France, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. So, if you want to apply for a tourist visa in Europe, you can reach the embassy or visa reception center of one of the 4 countries. Note when doing paperwork, if you apply for a visa at the Embassy of the country that does have to be the first destination (first destination) Schengen or long stays is where most of the trip ( main destination).

You must complete the booking of a return air to the hotel. If boating is not required. Travel must have a clear schedule.

Hint: Schedule tourism and hotels papers for obtaining visa can do with your schedule if you want to apply for a visa to go fast because visas are the most important steps.

Note the schedules do you apply for a visa at the embassy do you have in that country should choose the longest and it is the first destination.

In order to make the visa application faster:

- You should put hotels, choose the hotel allows free cancellation, only when the new charges.

- Book airline tickets you should ask the agent to sell tickets to the placeholder then cancel (if you really do not want to buy tickets there). Cancellations can cost however insignificant compared with airfare.

- Commuting between countries should take the train to save money means to buy air tickets more. 

In addition to the basic papers, note some of the details as thoughtful, complete, chances are better visa.
Should apply at the Embassy of the public:

The principle is that the Nordic countries Southern Europe is more difficult. In Southern European countries are applying in France, Spain, nothing difficult, except for Spain to household chemical visas and other paperwork should take more work. However, if you would like Spain then you absolutely can apply anywhere, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. French visas, where applicants will depend on the place of issuance. If your passport was issued in Hanoi (whether you live anywhere), you still must file a visa in the capital. Passports issued in other provinces depending on regions.

Processing times:

Usually 15 days, but can be up to 30 days if the records needed to be investigated further. In some special cases, the verification may be extended to two months. If France must apply for appointment to interview a few days and a few simple questions about the schedule. If you do need to seek urgent, through travel agents should apply. Can get the visa in 2 days.

The cost for a visa:

- If self-apply, the cost is 60 Euro. Currency are converted into VND at rates prescribed by the Embassy and may change from time to time.

- If you use the agency to apply for a visa, service charge is 80 USD / time, no European visa charge mentioned above.

Schedule your visa application form Spanish Embassy you can refer to here.

2. Schedule
This is the stage takes a lot of time and effort, requiring patience and wisdom. The work includes:

Countries and cities should go

City of Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the fascinating destinations in Europe. Photo: Huffington Post.
European trip should last at least 2 weeks and 3 countries. However, if you go five countries, the planning becomes harder, so you should consider before making a decision. Water should go 3-4 while visiting the city for 2 5-6 weeks is the most reasonable.

The water should go: Europe divided into 4 parts: East, West, South, North and Central Europe department (transport between Eastern and Western Europe). Southern Europe should go first because more fun, beautiful sea and many things to see than for example Italy, France, Spain, Greece. Northern Europe (Netherlands, UK, Sweden) harsh climate and everything more expensive. Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, Monaco), Eastern Europe including Russia.

Tips: You should see the day you go there any European festival fun yet come to that country. For example, the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich (20 / 9-5 / 10) should go to Munich one day just because that festival. Very happy!