10 Europe traveler experience

30/11/2019 , 189.090 views

Europe different from Asia is not only about climate but also the whole civilization. There are many regulations you will feel strange without advance preparation.

Europe different from Asia is not only about climate but also the whole civilization. There are many regulations you will feel strange without advance preparation.

To Europe you will have many enjoyable experiences on the culture and lifestyle

1. Costumes and weather

European winter is very cold, sometimes down to 0 degrees temperature. If you go on this season should bring warm clothing. But summer temperatures around 25 to 34 degrees, you do not have to carry too much baggage. Travel clothing should be jeans, T-shirts should have scarves to prevent erratic weather.

2. Money
The euro is the common currency of the European block. You should change money at home for convenience and has a better ratio. You can also use credit cards, but you will be charged a service fee of about offline.

3. Drugs, tobacco, alcohol

Medicines in Europe is very expensive and difficult to buy
Here are three things if you buy in the European countries, the price will be extremely expensive. Even with medication you also need to present a doctor's prescription before being purchased. Therefore, if you need to bring in regulations and allows offline.

4. Transportation
In some cities, you might have to walk uninterrupted because policy prohibits vehicular density due to overcrowding tourists. Therefore, the preparation of a good pair of shoes is something you should invest to get comfortable ride.

Vehicles such as buses, taxis, subways were quite convenient for you to travel. But let's master schedule and strict adherence to regulations on such vehicles do not make noise or smoke.
Do not smoke when using public transport

5. Phone

If you call from the hotel is very expensive. Please purchase or buy sim card to use. And to buy cards, sim, you must present a passport.

6. Eating in restaurants

If you go to eat at a restaurant, then please pay attention to the rules and traditions. Some restaurants let you bring drinks into but a very high premium. Restaurant service is also quite distinctive, new dishes only when all the members had finished the old dishes.

The amount of type in the UK and Italy is around 10%, if you ask Germany to return a few cents, the excess amount is considered as a manifestation of what you are unhappy about the meal.

Also you should not pick up the excess food and waste. You can be punished for it there.

7. Shopping

You should not buy and careful with fakes

You should not buy counterfeit goods in this country. It's best to purchase brand and to ensure the quality, choose the larger stores. Because if you have customs detected carrying counterfeit goods, you will be subject to a very high fines.

8. Treat

You will have to behave with courtesy, politeness and decency when you go to Europe. That means you can not take pictures without permission, not as noisy public places, not littering or smoking where prohibited tables.

9. Eating difference

Your familiar dishes when you come here it will be pasta or bread. It is difficult for you to make a rice dish.

And you should eat in areas far away from the tourist centers, the price will be better.

If you drink beverages with stones usually you only get two stones. Not stingy sellers, this is their tradition alone.

10. Security

European countries is not paradise. Here, theft and robbery still abound. So be careful when walking in the crowd, moved by public transport and do so for valuables at the hotel. Keep your assets carefully and discreetly.