Russia travel experiences

30/11/2019 , 120.225 views

I just returned from a 16 day trip in the land of the dust of the birch forest. At first, I found difficult without knowing the Russian language, how to choose the schedule.

I just returned from a 16 day trip in the land of the dust of the birch forest. At first, I found difficult without knowing the Russian language, how to choose the schedule.
Currently, travel to Russia, Vietnam visitors usually go in groups and travel companies to ease the visa, or a guide to go with explanations about the country, history, Russia by Vietnamese people. The Russians at using English, especially those in remote areas. Thus, the self-traveling is a problem.
Then we can think about backpacking in Russia? The current tour in Vietnam usually only visit major cities such as Moscow, Saint Petersburg or Yaroslavl within 10 days. Russia is too big and there are many interesting things for people traveling experience.
Schedule my 15 days in Russia as follows:
Day 1: Arrive in Moscow, luggage at the hostel, ask a few tourist information in Moscow and planned for the day and visit here. Walking boats on the river and enjoy the sunset.
Day 2: Go to population clusters World Heritage Red Square and the Kremlin; National History Museum, St. Basil's Cathedral, GUM shopping mall vast 19th century Enjoy the sunset on the Red Square.
Day 3: Visit two other world heritage Ascension Church in Kolomenskoye Moscowla, Novodevichy monastery. Visiting Moscow subway system. Evening on Saint-Petersburg ship. 
Day 4: Arrive in Saint-Petersburg. Luggage hotel. Go to the station to buy train tickets Petrozavodsk. Visit the church of St. Issac, climb the bell tower of Saint-Petersburg panoramic view. Visiting the palace Winter time 1 to 3 million artifacts. Buy food at the supermarket for cooking.
Day 5: Walk along the canals, see the festival on the river. Visit Christ church, boat stroll in Saint Petersburg.
Day 6: Visiting Summer garden has been restored since 2014, the population of St. Peter and Paul Fortress Neva river, visit the 2nd Winter Palace Square along with the pillar 700 tonnes.
Day 7: Visiting suburban palace in the city of Pushkin Fall, Summer Palace and the Gulf of Finland. Train travel to Petrozavodsk. Overnight on the train.
Day 8: Arrive in Petrozavodsk. Luggage hotel. Out tickets go Kizhi pier. Visiting Kizhi Island 4 hours. About the self-catering hostel.
Day 9: Out go Murmansk train station to buy tickets. Wait 2 hours to ride 10h30. Overnight on board.
Day 10: Arrive in Murmansk. Buy a train ticket back to Moscow and Yaroslavl. About the hotel. Afternoon visit the famous statue soldier Alyosha is located on a hilltop with panoramic views Murmansk port. Overnight here.
Day 11: Rest morning. Visit icebreaker Lenin. Back to Moscow by train running 35 hours. Overnight on board.
Day 12: Stay on board.
Day 13: Arrive in Moscow, moved to Yaroslavl Trip station is 200 meters away. 3 hours away by speedboat to Yaroslavl. To Yaroslavl, walking the city at night.
Day 14: Walk the walk marina tickets Volga. Walking tour of all the churches in the historic center of the city is a UNESCO world heritage site. Enjoy the sunset on the Volga river. Relax in the pedestrian street, listening to music and enjoying the local beer.
Day 15: Enjoy sunrise on the river Volga, shopping some souvenirs. About hostel packed their suitcases to the station at 11h35 back to Moscow. To Moscow, and the target point ride high-speed rail to the airport straight to Vietnam Vnucovo by Turkish Airways.
Day 16: Arrive in Vietnam.