5 things should be bought when travel to Korea

30/11/2019 , 130.137 views

Come Namdaemun market to buy different types of seaweed. It sells a full range of seaweed with various designs, visitors can delight to choose.

1. Nutritious Seaweed
Come Namdaemun market to buy different types of seaweed. It sells a full range of seaweed with various designs, visitors can delight to choose. Eg type of seaweed to eat with rice, seaweed soup and seaweed to to do Kimbap. Many people when traveling South Korea bought about seaweed to make Kimbap, very convenient for food preparation when picnic there.

2. Rare ginseng, ginseng candy sweet

In Korea there are two famous markets selling quality ginseng that is fair and fair Gyeongdong Geumsan. Most tourists coming to South Korea this they often buy ginseng about to use or give away. Because everyone knows extremely well-known Korean with rare types of ginseng that is very good for health too. Traveling Korea should buy fresh ginseng wine and a few packets of pickled cucumbers as a gift of candy, the older ones will love to enjoy champagne and eat this ginseng candies there.

3. Korean cosmetics diversity
Can not deny that the Korean cosmetics is currently storming the world by many Korean cosmetics are rated as very good and safe for all ages. Gentle makeup style, personality Korean actors were mostly young Asian choices and learn. So, you go shopping a few cosmetic items of Korean cosmetics brands such as Missha, The Face Shop ... to makeup for the face more radiant than offline. Buying a gift for a loved one, you can buy lipstick, lotion or powder coated ... very reasonable prices for buying in Korea is cheaper than half price when you buy these things in Vietnam that. Korean travel without knowing what to buy, then buy cosmetics because cosmetics is something most simple and easy to buy, there are a lot more product to suit the needs of all ages. Take advantage of this trip that much to buy cosmetics for themselves and as gifts for your own safety!

4. Clothing fashion Korea 1 Asia

For the girls, the clothes are usually the first priority if they have the opportunity to go shopping. Especially Korean traveling without purchase items for themselves, then it is a pity because everyone knows that South Korea is very beautiful clothes, diversity of designs. Located in central Seoul, Myeongdong shopping center is representing South Korea this. Most stores in Myeongdong offers fashionable clothing products from average price upward. Here, commodity price slightly higher than the Dongdaemun Market, Namdaemun Market. But the advantage of clothes in Myeongdong has many types, various designs than other markets. But the one thing you just rest assured that what you pay for, but the price a little more expensive but the clothes here are quality, beauty and style. Traveling Korea should buy something like pants, shirts or dresses lovely beauty for themselves and also to make more memories, Korea fashion clothing is very toxic and strange.

5. Raw materials make delicious kimchi to love people
Referring to kimchi everyone think of the Korean nation by kimchi is a Korean specialty. In their daily meals always appear kimchi, Koreans absolutely love this kimchi. It can be seen now many restaurants of Korea "mushrooming" in Vietnam. Kimchi should also not unfamiliar with Vietnam anymore. And most people who eat spicy Vietnam, they are like Korean kimchi for Korean kimchi spicy, aromatic and delicious. Korean kimchi is made from vegetables, cabbage, chili powder, shrimp powder, fish meal ... If you intend to make kimchi to eat slowly, you should buy raw materials for Korean kimchi. Thus new delicious kimchi because chili powder, shrimp powder, fish meal ... Korea's totally different than that of Vietnam. And then in Vietnam cabbage season also should also easily buy it. You can look at the Namdaemun market, where the full sale of raw materials for Korean kimchi there. Traveling Korea should enlist buy all the ingredients to make kimchi and refrigerated until use. Family meals you will be very attractive and more delicious with kimchi that you do it.