The note for Thailand travelers

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Vietnam Airlines has direct flights to Suvarnabhumi Airport since 2006. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is about 25 km from downtown Bangkok.

1. Entry and Customs
- Vietnam Airlines has direct flights to Suvarnabhumi Airport since 2006. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is about 25 km from downtown Bangkok.

- Thailand is one of the countries that have signed the agreement visa-free entry for citizens of Vietnam carrying ordinary passports, official passports and diplomatic passports for 30 days, visiting Thailand you do not need to apply in advance visa.
Immigration people pay attention, should have an attitude of cooperation with the Immigration authorities in the host country. They have the right to refuse entry if you do not cooperate, whether you complete immigration paperwork.

- Thailand unlimited amount of foreign currency brought from abroad. Guests can also bring foreign currency out of Thailand, but no more than the amount declared in the customs declaration upon entry. Every visitor to leave Thailand not be allowed to bring more than 50,000 baht in Thailand.

- The provisions on Taxation & Monetary Guests are allowed to bring in duty-free 200 cigarettes and one liter of wine or spirits. Weapons, drugs, etc. are prohibited from entering absolute. Travelers checks and foreign currency bills are brought into Thailand but must declare the amount of cash on arrival and 10,000 baht per person not allowed to bring over 50,000 Baht cash out of Israel.
2. Export Landscape in Thailand
When turned on, you present your passport along with the declaration. Customs staff will confirm the date stamp on the passport, on the part of this declaration and return the whole to you.

The antiques and genuine Buddha is required exit permits.

Each person is not allowed to bring over 50,000 Baht cash out of Israel.
3. Some things to note when this country.
 - We should express respect for the king, the queen and the royal family of Thailand because it is the people that Thais are respected Thai usually early morning and evening prayers to pay homage to their king . If there when Thais prayers, visitors need to have a serious attitude with them.
- Be dressed and neat in sacred places such as temples, churches, statues ... Men must wear formal clothes, do not wear shorts and slippers; Female dress discreetly polite, do not wear short skirts, light clothes, jackets arms, tights, backless sandals ... If you violate these rules will not be on tour.
- Strictly comply with the request of the union guide or guides of the time. Adhere to the instructions of the delegation, should not be separated in the sights. If the need for the separate separated groups must notify the chief or local guides, or their predecessors said.
- Hold the card according to the address of the hotel to call a taxi / tuk tuk.
- Fostering 20 Baht / briefcase (equivalent to 7,000 VND) for the porter of the hotel when check-in / check-out hotel.
- Most hotels in Thailand are not equipped with toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers. So, to Thailand, travelers must prepare these items.
Should not:
- Do not wear shoes inside the home to the Buddha image.
- Do not climb onto any public statue.
- Do not wear clothes that are "cool" or makeup is too heavy in places of worship.
- If you are a woman, do not touch the monks. If a woman wants to give something to the monk, they have to put a man.
- Do not touch someone's head or feet to touch any of them or something because Thais believe that "first" is the most valuable parts of the human body.
- Do not signs of affection between men and women in public places.
- Do not drop cigarette butts or chewing gum to the public.
- The Thai concept foot is always the dirtiest section so visitors avoid leg while sitting on the table. Never use pins to indicate something or touch someone else's body, as this is considered rude. When sitting cross-legged is not necessarily to foot toward someone, especially the King statue or image. Before entering the Thais, tourists must leave shoes out.