The luggage should be prepared for a European trip perfect

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Be equipped with the best knowledge for the European tour of their exciting especially luggage and personal belongings.

Be equipped with the best knowledge for the European tour of their exciting especially luggage and personal belongings.
 1. Tickets, passports should be within easy reach of most search
Prepare travel luggage Europe is an extremely important stages before the trip. European Travel airfare, passports are frequently luggage as lost travelers in the luggage tangle flexibility of the glass. Many people missed flights or in trouble in this situation. Therefore, make sure the information airfares always stored by leaving them in a small wallet, convenient, striking colors and store them in your hand luggage, you will easily searchable when needed .

2. The key to prevention

One thing to note when traveling Europe as many cases tourists lost hotel room key and compensation due to carry when going out. Always make a habit to withdraw key staff gave the front or you have specified to in a small compartment in the bag if you do not want hotel staff to clean the room, or many other reasons.

3. Do not forget the lipstick

Although very busy before departure European tour but prepare a colored lipstick or lip balm is extremely necessary. During the trip, you may have to move constantly and even without makeup, but a bit of lipstick will make your face becomes fresh and radiant, especially when taking pictures.

European travel luggage
Porter moderate European travel and lightweight clothing to help you move more easily.

4. Slipper

There are times when very careful to sort luggage when traveling in Europe but many people often forget to wear slippers. In the budget hotels, often they do not serve you. Therefore, it would be inconvenient if your room does not have a pair of shoes to go, it took out to buy the expensive prices. Take precaution to bring a pair of shoes in your luggage light.

5. Personal Hygiene Supplies

Hotel not always fully serve you, so make sure the travel baggage of their European personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, elastic hair band, wet paper towels or sanitary pads, tweezers because these items may be small, but very convenient for trips to move constantly.

6. Clothing polite

Walking maps, helmets, goggles, swimsuits, long-sleeved clothing, a scarf, skirt always be prepared in your luggage. Be wary of any circumstances that may occur as you have to go to a sanctuary, or join a party to the charming, polite, you will not get confused when choosing furniture.

7. Underwear

Clothing is also sometimes you forget the map because they small, or sometimes brought not enough to make your trip a pleasant not having to spend time and money to buy.

8. raincoat, umbrella

You can not know in advance if suddenly rained. Baggage prepared in their European tour raincoat or umbrella thin very useful in some cases necessary. The two items also do not spend too much area in your luggage.

9. Charge the phone, camera

Two things are necessary during the trip as it maintains the operation of phone and camera. However, many people forget these items.

10. A bag

Always carry a small bag available, foldable, there are precautions you need to use the time for storage, especially when traveling abroad. You will have a lot of things to shop without spending money to buy a bag.

11. Money Retail

Be ready with some change in his pocket to "tip" to hotel staff transporting furniture, cleaning, avoid embarrassing not know how because in your pockets full of bills in large denominations.